Since 1973 we are suppliers and partners for the plastics industry. Our range extends from product design to the realization of molds for injection up to the production and surface finishing of plastic parts or assembly of the modules.

“With the productivity, punctuality and high quality standards in all our processes, a privately owned shareholder company and orientation towards the global market, we are able to respond optimally to our customers.”

To be successful, OSMA continuously invests in personnel and technology.

Our customers appreciate our many years of experience in various fields.

Our motto: precision in plastics.

Who is OSMA

The quality of our products is one of the most important values of OSMA – the key to our success with our customers – and, therefore, of our company and our employees.

We maintain an integrative approach and place our quality standards substantly  in our working processes.

Only in this way can we beleive that we can ensure the satisfaction of our customers and therefore our commercial success.

From the vision of our customers, we help to create the products with precision and liablility.

And this approach accompanies the product from the source of creation, up to the end to the series production.

In all phases of the project, there is an open dialogue with the customer.

OSMA offers extensive expertises and services in all the key areas that have to do with the plastics, from which our customers can draw profit.

OSMA´s highly qualified engineers use last generation CAD / CAE software to manage all projects.

Thanks to many years of experience in the development of design solutions, we can guarantee an optimal result for all the requests of our customers and thus their satisfaction.

Working closely with our customers we can develop finetuned solutions regarding the design, functionality, choice of materials and optimized production.

The base of a supportive development of plastic parts is the calculation and simulation.
plastic parts can be specifically optimized and adapted to the specific request well in advance.

The many years of experience allow OSMA this approach, a further security for our customers, providing a fast “time to market” for new components.
The orientation on the global market and our years of activities makes us the perfect answer to your needs. To be successful, OSMA continuously invests in humans and machines.

Our competences

Product Development 100
Tooling 100
Injection Moulding 100
Surface Finishing 100
Assembly 100

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